The Regional Summit

Held biennially, the regional summit is a chance for people from across Region 20 to meet up and celebrate their mutual love of Star Trek, as well as celebrating one another's

achievements both within STARFLEET and outside it.

Traditionally, in a summit year, the region's annual award winners are announced there, and any attendees due for a promotion are awarded it by the highest ranking regional official present. More rarely, chapters will be awarded their full commission at a regional summit,

usually by the highest ranking SFI official present.

Outside of the formalities, the summit is a chance to explore the host city, get to know your fellow SFI members, and participate in a wide variety of fun activities presented by both the hosts and the visiting COs. Past activities have included subjects as diverse as film viewings, egg and spoon races, and demonstrations of CPR, so as an attendee, you never quite know what you're walking into!  We hope to see you in 2019!

Windsor Summit 2019

For a PDF copy of this itinerary, please click the 2019 summit logo above


Overview as follows, timings and detailed itinerary to follow:

Friday 10th May

Afternoon: Shuttles arrive at Starbase 20's designated site, The Marriott Heathrow/Windsor

Evening: The President's Supper, a semi-formal 3 course meal, followed by promotions and awards outside the Regional Award categories.

Saturday 11th May

Morning: Breakfast, followed by free time, with Historic Windsor 10 minutes away by car.

Afternoon: An informal quiz lasting roughly 30 minutes

The Summit, including presentations, games and Regional Awards.

Evening: Charity auction, followed by either a Star Trek film or selected episodes, and a snack supper.

Sunday 12th May

Morning: Lazy breakfast and unstructured free time, with shuttles departing as required by attendees.

The Enterprise hosted Chancellor Gorkon and company to dinner last night. Our manners weren't exactly Emily Post. Note to the Galley; Romulan Ale no longer to be served at diplomatic functions.

~Captain James T. Kirk: Personal Log

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