The Runabout

The Runabout

Our award winning regional newsletter, "The Runabout", is published three times a year, and is filled with articles from the Region's members—and not just articles about Star Trek! We talk about all genres of sci-fi as well as real world science, and what our chapters have been up to in general.  It's filled with fiction and mission reports as well as regional news. Originally titled "The Commonwealth", the newsletter was renamed at the end of 2014, as it was felt that the old title didn't reflect who we were as a region.

On this page, you can browse through past issues of the newsletter, under both names, as far back as 2013. Just click the image of the issue you want to read for a PDF download. The most recent issue, however, is always reserved for fully paid up members of Region 20.

Deadlines for submissions to The Runabout are as follows:

Friday 16th November 2018

Friday 15th March 2019

Friday 19th July 2019

New issues are published at the end of March, July and November.

If you have something you'd like to be included in The Runabout, click HERE for the email link!

We strive to include at least one article from each chapter in every issue,  so get submitting, we love reading about what everyone in the region is up to!

If you are a full member of the region, and have not received notification of the link for the latest issue of The Runabout, please contact the editor HERE

*N.B. We acknowledge all authors as the originator of their work but reserve the right to edit or abridge where necessary.







One of the reasons that I accepted, once asked to do Star Trek, was to give a single child a chance to see the long thought, to see themselves some 400 years hence. It occurred to me that we must ensure that we keep in front of children the ever-changing horizon.

-Avery Brooks

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