Assistant Regional Coordinators

Assistant Regional Coordinators

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ARC Zone 3

Northern England and Wales

Captain Erica Smith

ARC Zone 4

Central and Southern England

Colonel Jamie Spracklen

ARC Zone 1


Fleet Captain Eilidh Montgomery

ARC Zone 2

Eire and Northern Ireland

Captain Ian Lawther

What is an ARC?

In essence, an ARC serves as a bridge between the individual COs in their zone and the senior Regional command team. They serve as the Regional Coordinator's finger on the pulse of the region, and though their role hums along quietly in the background of regional life, their contribution to the region should not be dismissed or underestimated.

As part of ongoing efforts to make sure the region thrives and in order to make sure new chapters have the necessary support network to make their shakedown cruises go smoothly, our RC has sectioned the region into four zones, and appointed an assistant to cover each of them. ARCs serve both as their zonal Shakedown Operations Officer and submit their reviews of each of their zone's chapters to support the RC in writing each month's Regional Service Report.

In addition to this, an ARC can also serve as a front line mediator, to smooth over any problems between a CO and the senior regional staff. While this is rarely needed, the mediation side of the role is vital to ensure that communication flows both up and down the chain of command. Our COs are strongly encouraged to use their zonal ARC as a point of contact whenever necessary, and to work closely with them to keep these channels of communication flowing freely.

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