USS Stargazer


CO: CAPT Graeme Oliver (Pictured)

XO: LtCOL Joshua Dadd


SHIP CLASS: Excelsior Class


MOTTO: "Zeal Rests Not"

CHAPTER TYPE: Correspondence

CITY OF CHARTER: Redcar, England


COMMS: We have a private Facebook group for crew members only in addition to our public Facebook page. In lieu of a newsletter, we publish our news to the Ship's Blog, which is on our website.

A correspondence chapter within Region 20.  We have members from around the Globe who share a passion for all things sci-fi, an interest in exploration, the sciences and extraordinary medical advances.  We also see and embrace the quirky side of Star Trek.   We enjoy chatting in our Members Only crew room on Facebook, writing stories and taking courses from the SFI Academy.  We’re always on the lookout for events, like the regional summit, to get together, cosplay and generally geek out.

A Welcome Note from the CO:

Hello, Thank you for looking at the USS Stargazer page. The main object of the Stargazer is to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously. We operate on the TREK FIRST Initiative:

stands for TREK—we’re a Star Trek club after all, and we want to indulge in all things Trek, whatever aspect of the Trek Universe you prefer. We have Trek/sci-fi themed quizzes and giveaways and lots of other cool stuff in the pipeline and I and the team would love more ideas from you too.

stands for ROBUSTNESS. By that, I mean we have a dedicated team in place to make sure things stay fun. There are rules, but they are tools that should enhance the experience for our members, not define it.

stands for EVERYONE. We’re a proud chapter of STARFLEET International and if someone wants to have fun with us, we aren’t going to turn them away just because they choose not to join SFI. Granted our "full members" get a few extra little goodies, but non-paying members are just as welcome. We also have some great relations with other Trek organisations. I’m a damn proud member of Starbase 24 as well as this group so we don’t demand exclusivity either. Likewise, we aren’t going to discriminate on ‘Trek cred’. If, like me, you know the significance of 16309 to the USS Reliant, or if you’ve only just seen the latest movie, everyone is welcome, and no one should feel sidelined.

stands for Kerazy, and I’ve purposely misspelt it to demonstrate that we can’t afford to take ourselves too seriously. One of the most popular episodes of Star Trek is a farce featuring cute balls of fur and is played entirely for laughs. An episode that features the landmark first interracial kiss on US TV also features a grown man impersonating a horse, complete with a small jockey and neighing. I’m guessing that’s a first too.

And a sense of fun shines through in Star Trek fandom. If the Star Trek fans of the UK were to become their own nation state, the national anthem would be Star Trekkin’ by The Firm, a song that arguably parodies the thematic conventions of the venerated original series, but is a staple of the convention scene. Why? Because people have fun dancing to it. And that’s what the Stargazer is about too.

COMM Daniel Adams






The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth, whether it's scientific truth or historical truth or personal truth! It is the guiding principle on which Starfleet is based. And if you can't find it within yourself to stand up and tell the truth about what happened, you don't deserve to wear that uniform!

-Jean-Luc Picard

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