USS Merlin


CO: VADM Richard Sams


XO: CAPT Scott Turner

XO: CMDR Mark Logan


SHIP CLASS: Ambassador

SPECIALITY: Diplomatic Courier

MOTTO: "Per Consilium Uicforia"

(Through Diplomacy, Victory)

CHAPTER TYPE: Correspondence

CITY OF CHARTER: Leytonstone, England

NEWSLETTER: Here Be Dragons!, Published Quarterly

(Editor: CDT SSGT Keiran Harcombe)

COMMS: We have a private Facebook group for crew members only, and an active forum for those of our members who do not maintain a Facebook account. Our forum can be found HERE.


Medical:  Several of our members are medical personnel.

Chaplain: No Affiliation

SPEC OPS:SPEC OPS: 369th Knights of Excalibur

SFMC:  396th Knights of the Round Table

The Merlin is an Ambassador Class Diplomatic Courier working out of Starbase 20. Her primary mission is to serve as part of the Federation's Diplomatic Corps and as such, she carries a crew vastly experienced in Federation law and customs.

We've developed a strong appetite for completing STARFLEET Academy courses, with over 1,000 passes in our first year. We were able to utitlise this energy for learning to become the first ship in the Region to fully qualify under the VRCP (Vessel Readiness Certification Programme).

A Welcome Note from the CO:

A very warm welcome to the USS Merlin. We are a group of Star Trek and sci-fi fans from across the UK who meet both online and in person. In the Star Trek Universe our ship is part of the diplomatic corps, and we are very strong in translating that ethos of service into the real world. Many of our members are volunteers in various organisations and work hard to improve the lives of the communities in which they live, but that's not essential to being a member of the Merlin. More important is upholding the ethos of Star Trek and joining in the fun.

RADM Richard Sams


You either believe in yourself or you don’t.

-Captain James T. Kirk

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