USS Appleton


CO: FCAPT Erica Smith (L)

XO: CAPT Lisa Holliday (R)



SPECIALITY: Science Cruiser

MOTTO: "Rise to High Places"


CITY OF CHARTER: Bradford, England

NEWSLETTER: The Ionosphere, Published Quarterly

COMMS: We have a private Facebook group for crew members only, and we are working towards more channels of communication, such as a forum and possibly voice chat, as several of our members are not local.


Medical:  Several of our members are affiliated to STARFLEET Medical.

Our meetings are run through the social club Leeds Bradford Starfleet (LBSF), which meets once a month. There is no obligation to be an SFI member to attend an LBSF meeting.

Details of how to find our venue, Glyde House, can be found by clicking the button below.

A Welcome Note from the CO:

Welcome to the USS Appleton's little corner of the Region 20 website! We are designated as a meeting chapter of STARFLEET International, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and indeed, both myself and our XO, Lisa, live in Bradford. However, our chapter members aren't exclusively from one town. We have members from all over the North of England, and a couple of people who travel here from the South when they can, too!

Our meetings are open to anyone, whether you're a paid up SFI member or not, and have been described by others as “organised chaos” and “nursery school with Trek and beer”! There's no real way to describe what we do, it has to be experienced! That said, if you prefer to sit and watch, you're more than welcome to come and do that too. Our venue is wheelchair accessible, and we do our best to cater to the needs of everyone who comes through our doors.

Thanks very much for taking an interest in us, we hope you'll choose to join us at a meeting really soon!

CAPT Erica Smith


Initially I objected to the Data makeup. I said, "Why do I need this makeup? Why can't I just look like me?" In fact, I said to Gene Roddenberry, "Don't you think that by this time in history, they would've figured out how to make skin look like skin?" And he said, "What makes you think that what you have isn't better than skin?" And I went, "Um, okay". Can't argue with Gene Roddenberry. He was a pretty brilliant guy.

-Brent Spiner

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