SD Boobrie


CO: CAPT Kevin McNeillie

XO: CMDR Rob Marshall




MOTTO: "Truth Conquers"

CHAPTER TYPE: Correspondence

CITY OF CHARTER: Stevenston, Ayrshire

NEWSLETTER: In Progress...

COMMS: We generally keep in touch with members using our Facebook group.


None at this time.

A Welcome Note from the CO:

Hello to one and all from Region 20’s newest chapter, Space Dock Boobrie! We are based in Ayrshire, around 35 miles from Glasgow, on the West coast of Scotland.  The Space Dock is commanded by myself, Captain Kevin McNeillie, my executive officer is Commander Robert Marshall, and Ensign Mark McManus is my second officer. Mark is also our Counsellor and happy to offer guidance and advice to any crew member, so why not pop by for some rest and relaxation?

What is a Boobrie?

The boobrie is a mythological shapeshifting entity inhabiting the lochs of the west coast of Scotland. It commonly adopts the appearance of a gigantic water bird resembling a cormorant or great northern diver, but it can also materialise in the form of various other mythological creatures such as a water bull.

A bit about me...

I started with SFI in 2013 onboard the USS Alba, who have also agreed to be our mothership during shakedown, many thanks to Fleet Captain Eilidh Montgomery and her crew.  During my tenure there I was the Chief Tactical Officer, responsible for recruiting a vast number of members to join the Alba and help it grow. I also served as the chapter award rep for several years.  I eventually left and joined the flagship, the USS Merlin, and became the Region 20 Awards chief under the administration of our current Regional Co-ordinator, Rear Admiral Richard Sams.  I was quite a late convert to Star Trek, having watched Voyager when I was a teenager but not fully understanding it until I joined Alba, but now I cannot get enough of it.  In my free time (when I get it!) I am studying to become a Social Worker and I also volunteer in the community.  I co-founded and served on the board of my local tenants and residents association, as well as being a community councillor and helping those who need it.  My door is open to anyone who wishes to come and see me, so if you fancy a wee stroll along our decks please stop by and pick up either a Romulan Ale or maybe even a Jumja stick, or perhaps a nice cup of some bloodwine, which gets the party going!

CAPT Kevin McNeillie


It must have been something you assimilated.

-Kathryn Janeway, to the Borg Queen

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